Cannot find media after sftp transfer

Hello, I just installed OSMC on a new Raspberry Pi Zero, and successfully transferred two music files through stfp on my windows laptop using Cyberduck. For some reason, however, none of my music files appear on my pi, and I cannot figure out why.

Where did you transfer them to on the Pi?
How are you trying to find them?

Through SFTP, I transfer them to the Music folder that is available. I’m completely lost on attempting to find them at all

Well you will find them in Kodi (the gui) under Music -> Files.
If you have named them respectively you could add them to the Library then they would be visible via Music directly.

I’ve tried to find then under Music -> Files, and nothing shows up still. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong…

Ok, actually my mistake. I had in mind the home/music folder to be in the sources by default, but that is not the case.
So go to Music -> Add Source -> Browse -> Home Folder -> Music