Cannot get video resume working

I have several Raspberry Pi3 installations of OSMC Kodi updated just a few weeks ago to the latest version.
I am using strm files on the media drive to watch videos downloaded to my web server where they are available as mp4 video files.
This works fairly well so I can view the videos OK on different locations and different OSMC installations via the Internet. Each OSMC box has a cron job that populates a streams dir on the media drive with the latest strm files created on the server when new videos are added there.

My problem is that when I view a video ((usually news shows) and leave it after some time the strm file is marked with the “partially viewed” indicator in the Kodi view but when I return to the video to resume viewing it does not resume, only starts from the beginning again!
How can this be fixed?
I have googled and found this on Kodi support:

System/Settings > Videos > File list > Default action > Resume

But there is no such “File List” item in my OSMC Kodi installation…

I’m guessing your server would need to support a request that includes the time for the stream to resume at (like YT does). And Kodi would need to append that option to the URL in the strm file (which I doubt it does/can but I may be wrong).

BTW I can’t find a Settings->Videos in Kodi on Windoze either.

If I play a locally stored video (an mp4 file) then if I stop playing say 15 min into the video and later return to it to continue watching it then Kodi pops up a selection between “resume from” and “play from start”.
This is what I have been used to and is missing when playing the strm files referencing an mp4 file via the Internet…
I switched to strm files to avoid having to download the full length videos every time the new video arrives. Takes time and is also a costly data download over mobile broadband since I don’t watch all of them.

btw the strm files are formatted like this:

If I play a strm stream part-way through, I can indeed resume where I left off, although it takes a while to find the position and re-start.

I don’t quite understand how your set up would be different, or indeed, why you need a local server at all if you are streaming direct from the internet.

In my case Kodi just runs the stream again from the start. However, it is fully functional to use skip keys (I have programmed my color keys to skip +/- 30s and 3m) to almost instantly navigate to where I stopped 20 min into the video. This happens on a slow mobile broadband Internet connection, so obviously Kodi has some way to command a video to play from a specific point in the future without downloading the data in between.

I did not say I used a local server…
My server is in my permanent home with a fiber 250/100 MB/s connection and I am currently in my summer home using a pitiful mobile broadband at maybe 7/1 MB/s speed. The server is programmed to cut a 24/7 stream into 60 min chunks stored as mp4 files, which are then served out on request via my webserver. I.e. the videos can be viewed via simple https:// calls from anywhere and at any time. The reason I am doing this is to be able to view on my phone or tablet or in this case Kodi anywhere with an Internet connection after the fact.
I live in a time zone 7 hours from the stream so I watch nightly shows after getting up the day after…

Ah, yes, I remember now. So there must be something different between how your server is serving up the stream and how commercial on-line services do it.