Cannot install the newest hdd download?

so for the guest bedroom, i grbbed the older trusty rusty apple tv out and decided to give osmc one more go, downloaded the mac version on the mac, proceeded to install to a usb stick, the same one ive used countless times to do osmc on, and when i plug the usb stick into the apple tv i see the red light eluminate on the stick, but only ever get a flashing yellow light on the apple tv? it seems like it never inmstalls? it doesnt show anything, just a black screen?

any input would be great thanks


well now i see a ? flashing over the top of the apple tv showing on the screen? weird…not sure why or what it means?

Try another USB stick
Make sure the HDD is OK.

ill try another usb stick as i was using this same apple tv not even 6 months ago and put it away,

if i need to find out if the harddrive is ok, what can i do? i know how to ssh into the things, just need some stuff to put into the terminal and how to connect via terminal?

said screw it, i redid the apple tv image onto the harddrive and its now resetting it to apple tv os, then ill re image for osmc after thats complete, harddrive is fine since it is reinstalling og apple tv ios, then onto the newest december image!!!

for some reason it is saying my apple tv ethernet is not working even tho its plugged directly into the ethernet?

got one of the broadcom cards in, so i know wifi wont work, but never had an issue with the ethernet not working?

thats odd, i simply pulled the usb stick and plugged in the osmc one, and it started the install? so we shall see wherre this goes… one last attempt to breath life into this, and the other one i own i will turn into an itunes homesharing device for out near the pool i guess hahah

SIMPLY AMAZING!!! for what ever reason the og apple tv os did not see my network as being plugged in? it loaded and installed OSMC without a hitch and im good 2 go!! even keeping the osmc look this time, i like it a bit more than the kodi layout…

thanks @sam_nazarko


and yeah time to upgrade my box, but for a guest room, this will work perfectly and for the kiddos!!

You should consider a Vero as an upgrade :wink:

Glad all is working now.

i will look into it, thanks sam

Hello I have the same problem when I update the new version is left in the sad face, recover the original image of the atv and try to install the October update usb is installed but at the time of restart it starts again with the so apple could help me or Tell me when to remove the usb