Cannot install to USB on Mac


I’ve downloaded the Mac installer from Download - OSMC and I’ve picked “English”, and “Vero 4k” for where I want to install. I then select ‘2019.05-1’ as the version I want to install, then I click forward. The install options there (“on a SD card”, “on a USB stick”, “on a NFS share”, “on internal storage”) wont let me pick a USB stick option. In fact, I cannot pick any option by the SD card one.

I’ve got a USB stick inserted in the computer, if I proceed with the “SD card” option, I can select the USB stick and proceed, but I don’t know if this will be a problem?

That’s OK, the installer is a bit confusing as it was originally written for Pi only

It’s because you’re not installing OSMC on a USB or SD card, you are installing it to the internal storage


I’m using the installer to create a USB install, so I can reinstall my Vero4k, shouldn’t I be installing it onto the USB, and not the internal storage?

You will write the image to a USB or SD card, but the actual installation media is the eMMC.

That’s why the installer greys out the option, because you cannot install and run OSMC off the SD card / USB.

The option of where to install OSMC is the final target.

I see, a little confusing, but makes sense!

Ok, so I’ve tried three times now… but during the download phase, it seems to get stuck. The indicator shows its like maybe 10% done, and the speed says ‘182.6kB/s’ but doesn’t change at all.

In the beginning, the speed changed quite often, but now it just seems ‘stuck’ and doesn’t move at all.

What is the size of the download? Maybe my 2gb USB is not big enough?

200M about. Try downloading the image first then picking it from a local disk.