Cannot login via SSH and locally

HI there,
I am new here, and this is my first post. I have searched forum for similar cases, but found nothing compared to this issue… My problem is strange (for me at least) - I have installed fresh OSMC on RPI3, network is working fine (wired and wireless too), SSH server is working, I can see console logon promnpt on monitor. BUT on every attempt to logon via SSH or locally I am instantly logged off. I can see logon banner, and then user is logged off. I was looking in logs, but there is nothing unusual - user ended session.
After second redeployement of OSMC and the same situation I think some help would be great, because I have no idea what is going on. Maybe someone had similar issue ?
Krzysztof Augustyn

This sounds strange? So when you try to open the console locally on the PI you also can not login? How have you then checked the log?
Which ssh client are you using?

Yes, locally I cannot login also, situation is exacty the same as for SSH connestion - user is logged in, logon banner is displayed, and then instant logoff. I can add init=/bin/sh and boot in single mode, but after that there are no logs, so this trick can be used to reset user password in this case.
I have exported logs via OSMC plugin. For SSH I have used putty, kitty and mobaxterm (in newest and a little bit older versions)

What username are you using to log in?

osmc - I have read WIKI

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Good :slight_smile:

Sorry to ask, but some people don’t then try logging in as “root” over SSH.

I totally forgot about that :slight_smile:

This really sounds odd especially if it is a clean setup. Suggest to shore the complete log so that maybe someone sees something that might cause this.

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No problem :slight_smile: I can handle some linux systems, have similar issues on big machines, but now my knowledge is usless.
OK, when I will be at home, I will collect and upload logs again, then I will post link here.

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It seems I do have the same problem. But I found another strange condition.

  • ssh via wlan adaptor only -> failed
  • ssh via wlan, when wlan and wired adaptor is enabled -> pass

Have you also tried to ssh via wired interface ?
I don’t know how to troubleshoot this behaviour.

by the way I installed/use the osmc 2016-04 image.