Cannot manually add missing content

Hi! Is there any way (like LibreELEC’s ‘Set content’ option on a file) to manually link a file to the database? I have some naming conventions I want to keep. With LibreELEC, I just manually fix those few missing movies and shows. For instance, I put the original Japanese name in parentheses after the English name. Even though the English name is correct, I still always have to manually link the file to the database (by removing the Japanese title in the search bar). I just wanna do that in OSMC again. Can I? :slight_smile:

Kodi is Kodi. OSMC and LE both use Kodi. There should be no functional difference in this respect. The biggest difference you are probably seeing is the default skin in use. This really should make no difference in operation though.

Yeah. I was hoping that. But how do I access it in OSMC? In regular Kodi, it’s available after opening the context menu on a folder or file of an unidentified movie.

Update: switching back to Confluence for a minute is the most ideal solution. Case closed. :slight_smile: