Cannot rewind

Not long had my 4K…i only use it to play movie files from a HD and it works great…When i fast forward a movie it is fine,But i cannot rewind a movie…it just freezes and says “buffering” so i have to stop the movie and then fast forward to the part i want from the beginning…Any tips would be nice.


Are you familiar with skip steps by using the left/right/up/down keys?

Well thanks to you that brings that question to an end…nice one ActionA…well im 54 now and getting slow…thankyou again for your help and quick reply…i was using the << button at the bottom of the remote

No problem. I think that the <</>> buttons are really just a leftover from our previous times when we were dependent on VHS. FF/RW is really not easily accomplished when the caching of a data stream is the method used to feed a video renderer. Not to mention that it’s a time savings to be able to use skip steps and your own estimation of where you want to go instead of waiting for RW to get to the desired location.

<< and >> wil disappear soon.