Cannot see and scan external Hard Drive anymore

I just added 3 new movies to my external hard drive hooked on my PI 2 and now osmc can’t show the files in my HDD nor scan them, i tried formatting and re-installing osmc but same thing, the HDD works flawlessly on my computers, i don’t really understand what’s happening and how to fix it ? ? ?
i can navigate through folders on osmc but it don’t shows movies inside them ? ? ?

(Latest OSMC build)

Use the file manager.

same problem with file manager… the strange thing is that i can’t see files inside my movie folder but i can see files inside all the others folders…

Sounds like very possibly a permissions issue on the files.

can i change it easily ?

What type filesystem is on the drive? What does a Kodi debug log indicate when attempting to access the drive?

i found the guilty. there was a 0 kb subtitle file inside the folder, i deleted it and everything shows up now… what a bug ! thx for your time and replies.