Can't Access Titles in Library


This is my first post, so I want to introduce myself. I am Patrick from Germany and 30 Years old.

I have a raspberry pi 2 with osmc an my movie and series files are located on a NAS. I access them over samba.

Now I updated my system via aptitude / apt-get and now I have the following problem:

If I access the Movie library I can’t access the Titels menu. Nothing happen when I click on ‘title’.

And if a use the file menu, kodi does not show me the folder structure. It starts playing any episode of a series.

My movies folder structure is one folder per movie. And my series structure is one folder per series and one folder per season.

I hope you guys have an idea for me problem.


We need logs to determine the issue.

I think the kodi log is very userful at this point:

    23:08:18 6784.281738 T:1636095008  NOTICE: Thread JobWorker start, auto delete: true
23:08:18 6784.313477 T:1636095008   ERROR: SQL: SQL error or missing database
                                            Query: SELECT * FROM tvshow_view
23:08:18 6784.314941 T:1636095008   ERROR: GetTvShowsByWhere failed
23:08:18 6784.317383 T:1956352000   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting library://video/tvshows/titles.xml/
23:08:18 6784.321777 T:1956352000   ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(library://video/tvshows/titles.xml/) failed
23:08:18 6784.322266 T:1956352000   DEBUG: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory (library://video/tvshows/)
23:08:18 6784.322266 T:1956352000   DEBUG:   ParentPath = []

But currently i doen’t know why this happens. This is the complete log:

Device: Rasp Pi 2
Installation media: SDcard
Connection: Wired
Power Supply Type: 2 Amp
Power specs:
Peripherals: (LED Strip, two DS18B20, one DHT22
Storage Device (incl. Network Sharing Protocol): Zyxel NAS via SMB
OSMC version: 2015.07-1
XBMC version: 15.1-RC1
Audio/Video Output: HDMI
Overclocked: No
Config.txt Extras: dtoverlay=spi-bcm2835-overlay, dtoverlay=dht11,gpiopin=27, gpu_mem_1024=256, dtoverlay=spi-bcm2835-overlay

Your db is being corrupted. Using console or SSH, try this. The first line is only applicable to SSH, using console will have already killed Kodi.

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
rm ~/.kodi/userdata/Database/MyVideos93.db
sudo reboot

But then I lose all my view states of my movies and tv shows? Is there any way to repair the db or try to restore it from an old db schema? I have an older MyVideos90.db…?

If you have an older version from a previous major Kodi version it should try to re-upgrade from it again automatically when it finds the current one missing.

You will lose changes since the original upgrade though of course.