Can't access Windows share folder

Hi, I shared a folder from a windows 10 pc. I disabled the password and from another pc with Windows 10 in the same network the folder is accessible. When I try to add it to OSMC, I see the pc name but when I tried to access it give mi “Operation not permitted”. I don’t know how to solve it. In windows 10 it’s shared… Could you give me some help? Thanks.

Don’t disable the password. Use a password and Kodi should prompt for it.

I don’t know how to do that… I disabled the option because I’m not an network expert. Could you explain it better?

Where did you ‘disable the option’ exactly?

I follow this image to disable…

Ah. Didn’t know you could do that. Let me see.

Ok, networking is always complicated between different OS…

So you can’t use same place to enable it?

if I enable it, I don’t know next how to access it. Plus now I can’t access because it says Error 2.

Well password less sharing is giving trouble with samba so I recommend to enable it.
Next step is to remove the source if you already added it. If you add it with the password enabled you will be asked for username and password

Now I only have Error 2. I can’t find anything on osmc. I don’t know what is the problem, on windows 10 I can access folder with username and password, on osmc error 2.

Where do you get the error2? Maybe share some screenshot

I click on Video, File, Add Video,browse, windows share (SMB) and then I have Error 2. Before I can see the name of workgroup and the name of pc name with shared folder.

Browsing requires SMB1 which is disabled by default.
Manually add the share via “Add network location” and use smb://

Alternatively you can try if it is shown under Zeroconf browser

Zeroconf didn’t give me result. I think I have some issue now…

After some times, I have error File Exists if I tried to access the folder… I continue to don’t understand…

Ok, I don’t know how but I can access my smb server now. I don’t have a solution, maybe I’m very lucky :wink: