Can't Boot from SD card using OSMC

Hi Guys,

I have an odd one here. I have an RPI2 and if i use either the installer or download the image file and put them on the card with Win32Disk image. When i put the card in the pi all i get is a big rainbow square. Oddly though if i down load the last image for Raspbmc that will boot and works fine.

I’m using a class 6 Samsung card. Any thoughts. I’ve tried different cards and a second Rpi2 and always get the same result.

Please help me.

Are you sure that the device is a Raspberry Pi 2? Can you take a photo of it? Raspbmc never ran on the Pi 2.


Are you using the right image file? Are you sure it’s a Pi2? Can you post a pic of the underside of the Pi?

I thought that the PI2 was the one with 4 usb ports. But now you say that, I’ve found that I dont have RPi 2’s,

I have 2 Model B’s

Thanks for pointing this out. I now know what i was doing wrong.