Can't change "Show plot for unwatched items" settings


Long time user, and firstly just want to say thanks for an amazing product! I haven’t need to come on these forums for a few years now, after happily running Raspmc and now OSMC.

However recently I have noticed all the plot summaries for my unwatched TV shows and movies are being hidden with the * Hidden to prevent spoilers * message. When I go to the Vidoes -> Library settings I see the “Show plot for unwatched items” setting is enabled but it is locked - i.e. I can’t disable it. Makes me wonder if this setting is not being used or picked up correctly?

Other settings on those page are also locked, but it seems to only be those which are visible in ‘Basic’ mode that can’t be changed.

Not really sure what I am missing here, but I presume it is something simple!

Any tips or suggestions?

Best regards,

False alarm sorry peeps - after a reboot that setting is now editable and my plot summaries are showing again. Very odd. The only options that were locked were the ‘Show plot for unwatched’ and the ‘Group movies by sets’. Everything else was ok. After a reboot everything is editable and working as expected.

Not sure if this is something worth investigating further, but I am once again a very happy user :).