Can't connect to wifi unless security mode is disabled

Hello, after formating my PI sd card, It seems that i can’t connect to my wifi network anymore unless I use no security (no password instead of WPA-PSK).
If i connect using the command line, I get the following message:

connmanctl> connect wifi_b827eba8b70b_566f6461666f6e652d454632344434_managed_psk
Error /net/connman/service/wifi_b827eba8b70b_566f6461666f6e652d454632344434_managed_psk: Input/output error

This is as much information as I could gather from the logs:

dmesg | paste-log

sudo journalctl | paste-log


I’ve an raspberry pi 3 with the lattest OSMC.
My network settings from the router page are:


WLAN Enable: Yes
Power Reduction Enabled: No
Transmission Power Level: 100%
Physical Address: a4:b1:…
Network Name (SSID): Aaaaaa-EF11122
Interface Type: 802.11b/g/n
Actual Speed [Mbps]: 130
Band: 2.4GHz
Channel Selection: Manual
Region: Europe
Channel: 6
Allow multicast from Broadband Network: No
WMM: Enabled


WPS Enabled: No
Broadcast Network Name: Yes
Allow New Devices: New stations are allowed (automatically)
Security Mode: WPA-PSK
WPA-PSK Preshared Key: B*******
WPA-PSK Encryption: TKIP&AES

Any ideas are welcome :slight_smile:
Nuno Sousa

Have you tried to totally remove your config in /var/lib/connman/wifi_* and start from scratch?

try agent on before connecting

Hello Sam,

I forgot to mention, but I did execute that command with agent on :slight_smile: