Cant continue movies

Hey there :slight_smile:

I like the Vero4k+ and its feautures (I own two of them).

On both I got the same problem:

I start watching a movie, stop it and want to continue it later (no matter whether 5 min or 5 days) and continiung doenst work…

OSMC offers me to start from the beginning of the movie (which always works!) or continie it from where I stopped watching. If I click “continue” the screen goes black for some seconds and then OSMC keeps loading for forever…

I restarted both OSMC a lot and even my Asustor NAS (which restarts every day at 24:00).

I hope you guys can help me… Thank you very much in advance - I really appreciate it.

Wish you a great Christmas time

PS: Rewinding doesnt work also


Rewinding is broken in Kodi. We recommend using seeking instead.

Did the continuation issue only occur recently?

Sorry, I dont really rewind, I skip by seconds and minutes.

No, the problem is present since summer.

Does the problem only happen after the NAS reboots?

Unfortunately Not :frowning:

Does it only happen with UHD rips? Did you rip these yourself?

Why would you do that?

This is unrelated but suggested anyway


We recommend people with 4K TV’s set their user interface (UI) to 1080p. Kodi’s UI is not optimized for 4K yet and this can put unnecessary demands on your device and can lead to a suboptimal picture quality, as well as potentially cause other issues.

The settings we recommend are as follows…

Settings>System>Display>Resolution> 1920x1080p
Settings>System>Display>Whitelist> (empty)
Settings>Player>Videos>Adjust display refresh rate> On start/stop

Some televisions may also need, or benefit from, the following being set…

System>Display>Force 4:2:2 colour subsampling> (enable)

With the above settings your UI will be output in Full HD and your 4K content will be output in 4K. If you have any doubt, feel free to upload some logs so we can verify that your settings are indeed correct.

As for the resume issue I think I would probably try making a system mount and see if your able to resume and rewind accessing the NAS from that. If so then you could add a path substitution to redirect your library to there. Alternatively you could also try NFS if your NAS supports that.

Thanks for all the help guys! I really apprechiate.

I think it only does happen with UHD Rips :slight_smile: Will try out soon

I set all the other settings you told me but still same problem.

There are definetly some 4k movies I can continue and skip time in, but in some other movies I just wont work.

I suspect it’s how the rips were encoded. I rip all my UHDs using MakeMKV, with no additional processing and I’ve not seen your problem.

Comparing mediainfo on a a file that shows the problem vs. a file that works OK may give a clue.

I would take one of the files that does not work correctly and copy it to some kind of USB media and try it with that plugged directly into your Vero.