Can't load xmltv

I updated to Kodi 17 and after that it can’t seem to read my xmltv file that I generate for my pvr channels. The log how’s xmltv parsing errors? Has the format changed that it can read?

Try reinstalling any add-ons you are using.
Contact the developer of any add-ons you are using and see if they are Krypton compatible

It’s the pvr.stalker addons. I then renamed my .kodi to kodi-backup and started with a fresh system and it still gives a parse error when trying to load the guide data.

I think the issue may be here. Could this mismatch error be the issue??

06:26:12.153 T:1583944688 DEBUG: AddOnLog: Stalker Client: Execute: {“js”:{“data”:{“msgs”:0,“additional_services_on”:“1”}},“text”:“generated in: 0.017s; query counter: 4; cache hits: 0; cache miss: 0; php errors: 1; sql errors: 0; php err str: txt: mysqli_connect(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50552 Library:50633; file: /var/www/stalker_portal/server/lib/core/mysql.class.php; line: 92; ;”}
06:26:12.846 T:1958859696 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogExtendedProgressBar.xml) ------
06:26:12.850 T:1484780528 DEBUG: EPG - Load - no database entries found for table ‘SKY SPORTS 4 HD ©’.
06:26:12.851 T:1484780528 DEBUG: EPG - UpdateFromScraper - updating EPG for channel ‘SKY SPORTS 4 HD ©’ from client ‘21225959’
06:26:12.851 T:1484780528 DEBUG: AddOnLog: Stalker Client: GetEPGForChannel

So the message above isn’t the issue…realized it is from the provider. So back to square one. Only error in the log is that it couldnt parse the file.