Cant login after April update


After April update I have issues to login to my user profile (it is secured by PIN). It seems that the text is missing, otherwise everything seems to be working fine. I attach a screenshot. Can you advise where should I start to fix the issue? Without hard reset preferably.



The screenshot is not visible

Sorry, trying again

Can you try selecting the user you’d normally select and reach the home screen without text?

Ok, I’ll try to do a blind attempt to login :slight_smile: and report back.

In theory, loading the home screen should solve this issue…

Let me know if there’s a fix we need to merge.


Did a “blind” login, device did some further adjustments, rebooted, seen normal login screen. However, needed to change resolution manually to full hd. After that, seems all is working now!

You can close the topic. Nice to get quick responses.