Cant play .img or .iso file located on NAS (solved)


I got some old .img and .iso files located on my Synology NAS.

I did add a video source using a ftp-protocol on my Rasp Pi 2

It will play the sound smooth, but the video not…

How to optimize the playback?

You would need to purchase the MPEG2 codec from Raspberry

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is it so simple…

Probably. What is the video type of the file? You can use something like mediainfo to analyse it and it’ll tell you what it is.

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They are iso so I assume DVD rips = MPEG2

ahh, used the videostation on my NAS and it says: mpeg2video

I will try that codec…

I now did get the mpeg2 code.

De place it in the config.txt and rebooted the rasp pi.

And now it works - thanks!!