Can't read a mkv video file


I have OSMC on a Raspberry Pi.
When I want to play a specific mkv file, the unhappy smiley is displayed and then it comes back to the home screen.
To help you diagnose the incident, the mediainfo file is there:

And all the log files are pasted here: (I activated the debugging mode and rebooted before by following the instructions on the wiki)

Thanks for your help

That is a H265 encoded file and you have a Pi1. I doubt that this combination works.

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This is a Pi1 with 512mb RAM. It will never play HEVC/h265 content. You would have a pretty good chance of playing it with a Pi3 though.

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And an even better chance with a Vero4k :wink:

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You’re not wrong :osmc:

Sorry I’m a newbie in all this: why a P1 won’t never play HEVC/h265 content? Is it because if the lack of memory?

HVEC/H265 need to be decoded by the CPU (as the GPU on the Pi doesn’t have such decoder) and the CPU of the Pi1 is just not powerful enough for the job

Thanks for the explanations and the fast answers! :smiley: