Can't select USB HDD when creating library

I’m new to OSMC/Kodi and have installed it on my old Raspi version 1 with Confluence skin. Seems to run smooth, though. I’m completely puzzled how turn movies on my USB hard drive into a library.

USB hard drive is plugged into the Raspi. Files follow naming convention (\movies\title (year)\blah.mkv). Using “Videos”>”Files”>”[name of the drive]”>[ \movies\title (year)\blah.mkv] I can play the movies without problem.

As far as I understood I should use “Videos”>”Files”>”Add videos…” to create a library. However, when I choose that option I have no idea to select the USB HDD. If I enter the name of the drive as a path, it can’t find it. If I choose browse, the USB drive is not an option (only home folder, network file system, root filesystem, SAP streams and so on – I tried them all).

What am I doing wrong?

Provide logs so that we can understand how your drive is mounted.

Either via MyOSMC or grab-logs -A via ssh

If the drive is automounted by OSMC then it should be listed in /media so browse to root file system/media If the drive is mounted in fstab (if it is you should know) it will be located wherever you mounted it to, usually /mnt

Thank you for your kind help. I approached this with a Windows mindset rather than an Unix mindset and expected a separate device to choose from. It was automatically mounted under root filesystem/media. Problem solved.