Can't SSH with a static IP, but DHCP IP works

Basically title. Raspberry Pi 3, fresh install of osmc.

When I use DHCP, I can SSH into it on IP, if I try to set a static IP to the same 102 IP, it suddenly doesnt work. It makes no sense to me. Maybe someone knows what could be the problem?

Quite simple your DHCP server (router) most likely gave the 102 to a different device in the meantime. If you want to a static IP you have to use one from the IP range that is outside of what the DHCP server distribute

Or leave it on DHCP and configure a “DHCP reservation” on the DHCP server to keep it on the same IP address.

I can check on my router, and no, the IP wasn’t given to someone else, I already tried giving the Pi the IP of 150, and I still can’t SSH into it. I can switch between them infinitely, and the static wont work, but the DHCP will.

You must be doing something wrong in either the IP, Netmask or Gateway entries

on OSMC i go into My osmc, network, wireless, click on configure network manually, change only the IP adress ending to something like 150, press apply, and reboot…

Sorry, can’t think of anything that would cause what you describe. From OSMC’s point of view there is no difference between a static IP and a DHCP assigned one. I’ve certainly not noticed any issues with static IP’s, and I use ssh all the time.

Well it makes no sense to me either. Furthermore the official iOS remote sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t. It’s really random if it’s gonna tell me “Connection timeout” or if I can control the osmc. This has made me quite regretting acquiring the raspberry pi.

This is not a problem of the pi. This are problems of your setup.
Configure the static IP. Exit Kodi and press ESC to get on the command line

Then execute and post here the output of
arp -v

ifconfig osmc@knet:~$ ifconfiglo Link encap:Local Loopback inet addr: -
arp -v Address HWtype HWaddress Flags Mask Iface -

currently using a static IP, which took like 5 tries to SSH into. pretty sure that if I disconnect and retry SSH it wont let me in again.

Are you sure it’s not an intermittent wireless connectivity problem ? Do you see the same problem on Ethernet ?

Just as expected, I couldnt enter something into the terminal anymore, so I restarted, and now I cant SSH into it again… “Network error: connection timed out”

I ment to do this not via SSH but locally.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

I can try using LAN, but it’s not really an option for what i want to use the Pi.

I do not have an extra keyboard lying around which I could be pluggin into the pi… this is typed from a laptop

The suggestion is clearly for troubleshooting purposes, not a permanent suggestion.

It’s connected via LAN now, but I have no idea which IP it uses… any ideas?

Check in MyOSMC->Network->Wired

works every time with putty now… with LAN

That indicates it is a wifi issue.
Check your wifi connection with wavemon and iperf