Cec (and many other things) not working after feb update


Simply put, cec used to work fine. Doesnt now.

Have rebooted as suggested. Have updated until no updates available.

(Also confluence missing, serious lags at various points and no way of backing out. I would have preferred this for a test rig and not for a general release version).

At the same time i am ever thankful for all the work you all put in to osmc. Thanks again.


What do you mean that CEC doesn’t work anymore? What is it (not) doing?

Confluence is available to download as an additional skin.

For the lagging you could try removing unecessary addons.

This has been available for several months for testing and has been released only after substantial testing.

Thanks. Fixed.

Okay. So i should have been more persistent. But ill report in case anyone else needs to know.

Cec was not working as, simply, kodi was not responding to cec commands . I am peculiar in that i run 2 cec adapters. One (built in pi one) for kodi and one for something else (disabled in kodi). After the feb update and new kodi, it turns out kodi seems to have switched the adapters around. That is the one previously enabled was disabled. And vice versa. Dont know why. But easy to fix.

So fixed for me. Others mileage may vary.