[CEC]AVR shutdown after switching from TV to OSMC

Hi everybody,

I have the problem the AVR (Pioneer VSX-527) is turned off when switching from TV as input back to OSMC as input.
I have created the log files at the given address: http://paste.osmc.io/igumipiqat
In Kodi.log at “16:43:39 474.571320” I actually switched via TV remote to OSMC as HDMI input source.
You can see that the AVR switches to the input source, and closely at the time “16:43:44 479.372162” the AVR shuts down.

How can this be fixed, that the AVR does not turn off?

Kind regards,

Having the same issue. It’s already reported here: Sometimes AVR powers off instead of being selected · Issue #165 · Pulse-Eight/libcec · GitHub

Thank you very much!
It seems the developer is not fixing this soon or is at least able to reproduce this…

I’ll send a PM to both of you shortly. I’d appreciate it if you could test some changes.


Yes I would really like to do that!

Thanks in advance!