CEC between Samsung TV and Home Entertainment System does not work when Vero4k is not (!) connected


I have a strange issue:
I use a Samsung TV and Home Entertainment System (using the ARC port of the TV connection box) and a Vero4k also connected to the box. When the Vero4k is connected via HDMI but electrically switched off by using a switchable wall socket CEC does not work, even the entertainment system is not recognized by the TV. As soon as I power on the Vero4k it suddenly works as expected. The entertainment system and CEC then work perfectly.

I see this mainly as a Samsung issue, but please prove me wrong. Maybe someone here has an idea?

Thanks a lot and stay healthy!

This is expected behavior. The Vero is not designed to be left powered off when plugged in like this. This is not a Samsung issue.

@realmec, as you can rad in this thread someone reported it on a Panasonic TV and it was explained that it is the expected behavior. So solution is to run the Vero 24/7, you can use suspend mode if you want to save some power while generally power usage is very low anyhow.

You can use the suspend option to keep the device in a low power state but CEC active.

Thank you all for the quick response! :slight_smile:

Is there a special reason why it has been designed this way? Can’t this be changed?

Edit: OK, sorry, I read the thread given above. This is a bit disappointing regarding energy saving efforts. However, then I will just go on (un-)powering vero4k together with TV and entertainment system with a switchable socket.

Another edit:
This isn’t any different with a vero4k+, I guess? If it was I would order one. :wink:

The behaviour is the same on the 4K +

It’s not something that can be changed in software, as there is no power going to the device.

We will look in to changing it in a future hardware revision.


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