CEC-HDMI not working if RPi2 goes to "dim screen"

so if i let the RPi2 go to dim screen then my TV remote stops being detected by the RPi2.
BUT if i connect to RPi2 using a smartphone remote app, push any button in the app, the screen “undim” and my TV remote starts to be detected.

any thoughts about this?

Does CEC reconnect if you go to the TV’s CEC menu and re-scan for devices?

no, it says “check connection”

Same behavior when using a different HDMI cable?

Here, try this… Make sure Put devices in standby mode … screensaver is not activated in Settings>services>input devices>peripherals>cec adapter

have only 1 HDMI cable…

it is not activated.

btw, if i don’t enable this “dim” setting - is it smth bad for the RPi2?


i was wondering if this setting has smth to with, say, putting an external hdd on idle or smth

No, spindown of disks is independent.


Best wishes for 2016!!

This issue still persists in latest version after update december 2015.
No CEC response on raspberry PI 2B untill other devices (keyboard)
input is received. My gut tells me its because of the /dev/mouse hovering after dim leaving
no active selection in menu interface therefore deactivating CEC response. As these are two separate processes in the interface.

Please fix or advice.

I’ve seen this issue a few times myself but I find if you hit the left/right/up or down button on the remote a few times the Pi2 comes back to life!!! I think I once fixed it hitting the Simplink button too…
PS That’s an LG TV…

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It is probably is possible to undim that way, however It would be fantastic if there could be a
fix to stop the issue occurring :smiley:

I have seen the issue with SONY BRAVIA tvs too.

Come to think of it … I think it is a KODI issue all together and not a OSMC CEC issue.
SO maybe I am barking up the wrong tree here:D

Got one of those … no problem here :neutral_face:

yeah, happens with me too.
LG with Simplink here

Waiting a bit and then hitting the buttons a few times fixes this for me usually when I switch sources.

LG are reknowned for their crappy CEC implementation - one of my TV’s is an LG and the CEC doesn’t work reliably on any device including a Fire TV stick.

As soon as I switch the TV off and on CEC stops working. Do some googling for LG and CEC/simplink and you’ll find lots of people complaining about it.

My Samsung TV on the other hand, CEC works perfectly on all devices. If CEC is important to you, don’t buy LG. I certainly won’t be buying another one.

Generally I am verry happy with my 2012 LG TV. And cec works pretty reliable except for that little quirk.