CEC Input switch help

I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if what im trying to achieve is possible?

I have my vero4k hooked up directly to my tv for 4k HDR with the audio through my amp via optical out.

With all the CEC switched on the amp keeps wanting to switch to the TV source on the amp, which doesnt work because my tv doesnt pass through most audio formats.

I have two commands which can switch to the correct inputs via the CEC-Client, however i can either have the correct input on the tv or the correct input on the amp, but not both:

TV HDMI1 input (TV on AMP)
echo “tx 1f:82:10:00”|cec-client -s AOCEC
echo “tx 5f:82:12:00:00:00” | cec-client -s AOCEC

AVR Kodi input (HDMI2 on TV)
echo “tx 5f:82:22:00:20:00” | cec-client -s AOCEC

Is it possible to switch both sources on both devices without the last source switch overriding the preceding one?

Ie if I switch to the correct inputs on the amp my tv doesnt automatically switch to the hdmi hooked up to the ARC input on the amp (HDMI2)

I suspect the behaviour is by design but if there were any way to do this it would be good to know.


I wonder if the unwanted switch isn’t caused by CEC, but rather an HDMI auto-detection of input?


I think it probably is, so there isnt some clever way to prevent or work around the auto switch then?

This is usually configurable via your TV