CEC internal commands not working in Jarvis - fix in Krypton


before Jarvis, I was using the JSON-CEC add-on script to execute CEC internal commands, controlled by my home automation system (FHEM). It was working perfectly.
Unfortunately this functionality got broken with Jarvis.

A fix for this is already prepared for Krypton:

But since it might still take some time before we get the full Krypton into OSMC, I was wondering whether it is possible to include the fix earlier - e.g. in the next OSMC release.

I’m happy to include this in the next Jarvis build for OSMC.

It would be great if you could submit a pull request to add this patch.

Thanks Sam - this would be really great!

Regarding the pull request:
I have to admit that I never did something like this - I’m not a coder and have no real experience with github. So I fear, that if I try to create a pull request now, it’ll be most likely wrong and mainly cause confusion.

Maybe somebody with more experience can help out to get it correctly into the system.


Adding this in is quite simple: we just add the patch in to the package’s patches directory. I am trying to show people the ropes more to try and get them involved with OSMC.

I have added this patch from @mk01 now, and it will be included in the next OSMC update.


Thanks Sam and @mk01. It’s working perfectly again in my configuration with the August release.

Thank you for taking the time to report back that it’s working. It’s rare for users to do this unless it isn’t :slight_smile: