CEC issues when RPi is shut down

OK, so maybe this might not be an OSMC or Kodi issue, but I have to start somewhere…

My RPi 1B is connected to a 2009(ish) Sony Bravia. OSMC is a fresh install. OSMC’s CEC settings have been set to not turn off the TV when I shut down.

So, I select to Power off system from the menu and wait for the RPi to shut down (all the lights go off except for the red power one)

When it’s powered down I find that CEC/BraviaSync is behaving strangely - eg, turning the TV off will not turn off my AV amp as it should. Also, if I leave the TV on and go to another input, I find that the TV constantly resets (screen goes blank and Sony logo appears).

If I unplug the HDMI cable from the RPi then all of these problems go away, so there’s obviously something amiss with the RPi (I have also tried 3 different HDMI cables, btw)

Like I said, this probably isn’t an OSMC/Kodi issue, but I was hoping someone out there might have come across the same issue!



PS: Unlike some forum posters, I have absolutely no issues with CEC control and OSMC - works like a charm when the system is running!

Easy fix, don’t turn off the Pi. It uses next to no electricity

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:laughing: Yes, I did know that, and thanks for the suggestion, but there are times when the Pi will need to be shut down, so that doesn’t really address the problem!

If the TV exhibits CEC issues after pi is removed, this sounds like a problem with the TV’s handling of CEC.

No, the Pi is still attached, just in the powered-down state. The TV behaves itself when the Pi’s HDMI is unplugged.

Removed/powered down, can have no active effect on the TV. It must be an issue with the TV’s handling of CEC. There have been tons of reports of issues with BraviaSync and not just concerning RPI. You might want to investigate that aspect.

Yes, that’s my thinking too. But, seeing as I don’t have any trouble with my other devices (CEC & non-CEC) - only the Pi - I thought I’d start by seeing if anyone else has had a problem. Thanks.

I remember this issue with CEC and early RPi.
One slightly risky solution was to remove D14 on the RPi board. Note - did not fix it for everyone

See long thread at