CEC Problems

I am running the latest stable version of OSMC on a Rpi3. My reliable old (2009) Samsung 43" Plasma finally died a peaceful death last week.

The good news is that I was able to upgrade from 720 with the Samsung to 4k with a Vizio 50" D-Series.

Everything seems just fine. Except…

…the CEC with the Vizio isn’t nearly as good as the Samsung was. The Vizio remote will handle all of the normal “viewing” commands, but some of the setup/maintenance functions don’t seem to be accessible. Not a big deal, I just use the bluetooth keyboard I have for those occasional tasks. Not really worth mapping the remote over.

But I have noticed a very perceptible lag in processing commands from the remote at times. Sometimes it even just locks up and I have to unplug the Rpi to release it.

The only CEC control in the Vizio menu simply enables/disables it. My Vizio’s model number is D50-F1 and it’s running V. 1.14.6.

Any tweaks I can do to improve the CEC response?

Unfortunately, it’s the TV that controls what gets sent. I have the same problem with my HiSense that replaced a Vizio. Interesting that my old Vizio handled CEC great. Passed almost all the keys through and quickly. The HiSense only passed the main play keys, and is very slow. I ended up using my Yamaha remote as it’s much quicker and passes more of the keys.

I am beginning to think that it’s the actual remote and not the TV. The remote seems flimsy and not very sturdy. Several times, when Kodi was unresponsive, I’ve rapped the remote hard once or twice and Kodi started responding again.

I have an older Logitech Harmony remote I’m not using. If I can find it’s programming cable, I’ll see if that makes a difference.

Well, I set up the old Harmony 300 remote and it looks like that solved my problem. Everything is now working fine. It’s a shame that Vizio makes such a good TV but paired it with such a cheap, crappy remote.