CEC Samsung Remote


I have tried everything as suggested on other threads, but I am unable to map the Channel Up / Down keys on my samsung remote. Is it even possible?

I have “The Frame” hooked upto a vero 4k, which is up to date.

The navigation buttons work correctly, but I’d like to use the channel up/down buttons, at the moment when they are pressed it changes the source to terrestrial.

I see this in the logs:
DEBUG: CecLogMessage - making TV (0) the active source
does this suggest that the Vero 4k is receiving the ChannelUp?

What steps should I try?



No, that’s just the Vero interpreting the CEC message being sent by the TV. The OSMC version of the CEC driver helpfully decodes the raw CEC into readable English. The regular CEC driver can do this, too, but it’s not the default.

The TV gets the signal and then decides what to do with it.
So, in this case it chooses to action it locally rather than pass it on.
So, I think, you will have to dig through advanced menus in your TV to see if there is something in there that allows you to disable that action when source is not the TV tuner.