Change Fullscreen/Framerate not possible

Hi there!
A few days on I cannot change the Display mode (windowed/fullscreen) anymore. It´s chosen the “window mode”? Also the point “Framrate” & “Resolution” is displayed grey.
When I reboot the device I can change “Framrate” & “Resolution” - after wathcing a movie it is grey again.

Can anyone help me in this issue? It´s since 3 weeks (about)…

How are you trying to change it? Pressing \ on the keyboard?
Also are you sure you are running OSMC? Because on OSMC Kodi is run exclusively (not via a window manager) therefore there is no way to “windowed” it.

Why do you want to do that? Resolution should be set to best of your screen (max 1920x1080) for Kodi. I you use a 4k display resolution will be automaticelly changed when a 4k movie is played.
The same for framerate (it will be adjusted automatically.

I use a Vero 4K with original Firmware/Soft. Since 3 weeks I cannot change. When I don´t change the FR to 24Hz the movies are stuttering. So I can´t imagine that the FR is not necessery to adjust. On 23,98 /24 it´s smooth. So I have to change it!

Just enable Adjust Refresh Rate

I have but cannot change .

I don’t know which setting translates to Adjust Refresh Rate.

@fzinken can you help here?

Simply on the basis of position, it’s the one that says

Bildwiederholfrequenz anpassen

Immer = Always

@sam_nazarko as @dillthedog already figured out “Bildwiederholfrequenz anpassen = Immer” is equal to “Adjust display refresh rate = Always” so I assume set correctly.

@maluc two questions:

  1. What do you mean with “but I cannot change”? So if you go to “Bildwiederholfrequenz anpassen” and you press enter/ok you don’t get a popup that allows you to change it?
  2. Can you please explain your second point of windowed/fullscreen? As I have explained there is no such “windowed” option in OSMC.

Usually I can change both options (sincs a few weeks). And now they are light grey colored and no possibility to change maually.
The first option in this menu is Display mode and there you can usally change “windowed” “full screen”. On TV i thought there is full screen usual?
Here an example pic what i mean.

There’s no option to change between windowed and full screen because there is no window manager running.

There’s no desktop environment in the background

This isn’t related to the Adjust Refresh Rate option