Change path of Transmission App to NAS

Hello, i have installed Transmission from the App Store and it’s work very nice :wink:
i want to change the path of the download to my NAS (My Book LIve) but I don’t know how to proceed. someone can explain the steps to do.

Remove the picture from your post, please.

Mounting the nfs share into your filesystem may solve your problem. Not sure if transmission supports nfs:// paths.

i have mount nfs but i have the same problem.

What do you currently have your path set to in Transmission?

Can you do a ls -al of that path’s mount-point so we can see what permissions it’s mounted with.

Also the output of mount may be useful.

path in trasmission is: smb://MYBOOKLIVE/Public/WWW/TR-Downloads/
when come back to home i’ll do ls -al.

You said you have your nfs/smb share mounted to your filesystem. ie.


I think Transmission is looking for a local path like that. Not a network path (nfs:// or smb://).

Here’s a line out of my /etc/fstab where I’m mounting an nfs share /mnt/STORAGE nfs rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14,intr,rw,x-systemd.automount,auto

I think T

How do i mount nfs Nas?