Change SD card from 8GB to 32GB

I am running my Kodi 15.5 on Pi2 - OSMC 2017-10 and I have occasional crashes.That is the only thing running on this Pi2. I have a rather large library and my hard disk usage is at 87% used. Should I think of upgrading? Is this enough to run Kodi without problems?

I was thinking of upgrading to 32GB. What is the easiest way to do it, without reinstalling and re scraping my whole library.

Another thing bothered me today after I updated to OSMC 2017-10-1. My Pi2 was booting into Kodi stayed there for 10-20 seconds and then crash and reboot again. It happened 3-4 times in the row. I unpluged it from power and after 5 minutes plugged it again and it seems to be working fine. My log show a lots of errors. Can someone have look and let me know what is wrong?

My Log

Go to GitHub - graham8/osmc-backup: Backup scripts for copying osmc installations to and from system partitions, grab osmc-restore and put on the Pi, stick the new card into a cardreader on the Pi and run:

sudo ./osmc-restore /