Changed router: all OSMC devices now booting to blank screen

I had to change my router this morning. All address ranges have changed, all my OSMC devices boot to the splash screen and then go blank. Perhaps they are stuck looking for their own IP address or trying to find the SQL server that is now on a different address.

Just checked: they are on the network, I can also see the SMB share from my main PC, just blank screens.

Surely looking for the MYSQL server if you use a central instance.
If they are showing up on the network login via SSH and correct the MYSQL server address

Yes, have just SSH’d in and changed the advancedsettings.xml, this has fixed it.

For me this exposes a flaky boot procedure. If OSMC can’t find the SQL server after a certain period it should timeout with a helpful message, not just hang on a blank screen.

You could also try to not change mission critical settings like an ip address on a server :wink:

Obviously. I was a bit stuck.

By the way, I noticed when rebuilding part of my library that when adding a file source and selecting content type as TV, the Movie online database resource was chosen by default, and I had to change it manually to the TV scraper. Pretty sure I never had to do that before?