Changing forward and backward timeseek

A few questions about modifying timeseek…
I’ve edited this as I found info on the changes made to timeseek in newer versions of OSMC…

  1. Is there a minimum timeseek for forward and backward in advancedsettings.xml? I can change the bigstep ones from 10 minutes down to 3 but I can never get the timeseekforward or timeseekbackward to be less than 10-15 seconds. I’d like it to be 3 seconds.
  2. Kind of hand in hand with my first question but smallstepback is simply not possible anymore, then?
  3. I imagine there’s no way to program a button to scrub through the video if you hold it down, the way forward and backward would work on the old boxeebox remote?

My remote isn’t this one, but one exactly like it by another manufacturer, in case that helps at all.

Thank you!!