Changing wifi password

What is the best way to change the wifi password on the RPi2, running the latest OSMC version. I do not have a keyboard, and hence this question.
I think I should be changing the password on the Pi first using my connected mobile remote, and then, change the router password. Can someone confirm if this is the right approach?

Logically, that is the correct sequence - but I’ve a nagging feeling that it may not save the new pwd until connection is achieved.
How did you manage to set it in the first place - was it on the initial setup procedure at install time?
It would be worth your while to ensure you have a control device you can connect directly to do this.


The way connman (our network manager) works, you can’t save a preconfigured wifi password - it will only save the password on successful connection.

So you will have to change your router password first, then disconnect on OSMC and enter the new password.

Thanks @DBMandrake, I’ll check this and update the thread. Was a bit stuck up last few days so could not check. For the first time, it was done during the initial setup only.