"Check for updates" is missing in OSMC skin in Add-ons

If you use the Confluence skin, in System -> Settings -> Add-ons, on the sidebar is a button “Check for updates”, but if you switch back to OSMC, this button is missing.

I don’t see this path or button, can you report details, including the versions of OSMC and XBMC/Kodi
Possibly a screenshot would help

It’s missing, that’s what I’m saying. If you switch back to the Confluence skin, the button is there, in the sidebar, but with the OSMC skin, it’s missing.

Hmm! That is why I am questioning - in Confluence you have to go System|Addons before you get it - there isn’t a Settings now.
As for the ‘Check for Updates’ , it is now MyOsmc|Updates|Manual Controls, and appears as ‘Scan for updates now’

Ok, System -> Settings is in Kodi on the Mac version, but you’re right, not in OSMC. One way or another, it’s in the Add-ons screen, whichever way you get to there.

As for the My OSMC updates, not the same thing. The Add-ons “Check for updates” runs through your repositories and their associated Add-ons and updates any out of date Add-on. I had a situation last night where a broken Add-on had been updated by the creator, and he’d pushed the update to the repository. I’d tried the manual update check you’ve mentioned, it ran through, then nothing happened. When I switched to Confluence, and selected this button, the update check ran, and updated the Add-on.

Check for updates should be a main menu item selection under addons in Isengard, not in the sidebar. You should see this main menu item in any skin.

Not correct at all.


In most Kodi interface skins, including the default skin
Confluence, the button to check for new add-on updates has been moved to
the lefthand sidebar menu. When you’ve gone into Settings → Add-ons you can press ← (left) to show the menu and update button.

I’ve edited the xml file on my own skin, and created a pull request on GitHub to bring this in to OSMC’s default skin,

I hope to see this brought into the OSMC skin.