Checksum wrong?


I might be wrong, but it seems to me there is a mistake with the Checksums on the download-page.

The Raspberry Pi 1 Release 2019.10-1 has the same Checksum as the Raspberry Pi 2+ Release 2019.10-1:

Also, on the ftp-server, the checksum for the Raspberry Pi 1 is different, see here:

so I guess, this one is wrong on the download page…

Apart from that, I had problems booting the new image for the Raspberry Pi 2+ on my Raspberry Pi 3B, however, I still have to cross check the problem with another image to rule out a hardware problem (e.g. with my SD card). In case I can confirm the problem, I will open a new thread for that…

Thank you for developing OSMC!


I’ve corrected the problem now.


Looks still the same for me on the download page, but I guess it takes some time until it’s “online”… thanks for the solution

You may need to refresh the page. The checksum is only loaded once per page load.


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Now I see it.

I did refresh before (I know this is the kind of situation where you want to show somebody a problem and it’s not there any more and everybody thinks like “yeah, you probably just cannot handle this thing correctly” :stuck_out_tongue: ). Maybe the site was cached somewhere?

Anyway, glad that it’s corrected now.