Choppy video with Samba

Auto-upgrade to Kodi 17 this week on my Raspberry Pi 3. . .the majority of my media is on samba shares. Since the upgrade, videos on the samba shares do not play smoothly. The first few minutes may be perfectly smooth, but it gets progressively worse until in short order it is unwatchable.

Tried multiple vids from multiple shares.

Vids running on the drive actually attached to the Pi run fine.

If nobody has any ideas, I’ll try a 100% clean install of 17 and see if that works. . .and if not I’ll go back to 16.1.

I had the same. After lot’s of troubleshooting regarding osmc it turned out to be a network problem. My RPi3 is attached to a switch with fixed port-settings. After switching to auto-negotiation everything runs smooth again.