Chorus Library out of Sync with TV GUI

Hey OSMCers

Is this even possible???

When i delete an item, Chorus continues to display it. (TV Series, sometimes with episodes, sometimes just the TV Show without episodes).

I know! It’s my browser serving up cached images or pages! Alas it is not…I’ve tried IE, and I never use IE, and I’ve tried clearing all history (all delete options selected), restart IE, and there yet the should-be-deleted phantom TV series persists in Chorus, yet long gone in the TV GUI.

I would have thought that Chorus and Kodi share the same DB…how is this not the case?

Cheers, Geoff.

BTWs. Love your work. I’m such a fan i look forward to your monthly updates, and find myself in the dunny with my phone at the end of each month sniffing around your blog for what excitement might await in the next update. So good. Yes, I’ve donated and hope ewes fellas are getting enough money to buy a beer.

Chorus version2.4.4
Kodi version17.3

We believe this is a Kodi issue or a specific Kodi function and as such you should look at addressing the issue there. We are unable to resolve your issue. If you do believe that this is an OSMC specific issue, please let us know.

Try opening another browser next time this happens, even on a new device.
If it happens there, caching isn’t the issue and it is Kodi related

But how quickly does out of sync get resolved? There will likely be small delays


thanks Sam. Yes, same issue on different PC, so Kodi issue.

We’re talking at least days, persists through reboots etc.

Cheers, Geoff.

You don’t have any proxy or caching software on your PC, right?

that is correct. Nothing that would proxy, just a normal residential pc (and tried on wife’s macbook too).

Cheers, Geoff.