Circumvent proxy

we are two students and want to configurate a media center with Raspberry pi. At home the internet works. But the school has saved wlan with an proxy.
How can we circumvent the proxy.

Thank you for helping…

Well let me speak from experience on this subject

the answer is your not supposed to since the proxy is setup by the administrator of that network and serves as a layer of projection from the internet.

Best option ask the network admin for access

Or are you asking how you configure OSMC to use your proxy?

The problem is, that I don’t know how I have to configure OSMC to use the proxy. I don’t know where I have to enter the userdates from the network, so that the proxy is circumented…

I don’t know if my englisch is such good, because I’am from Germany :wink:

It it an authenticated proxy server where you have to enter username/passwords or be granted authentication to it based on your ip address or will it simply pass anyone through? This is all info that needs to be supplied. I’ve had big issues with Linux and proxy servers that require NTLM authentication. Proxies that are authenticated on ipaddress seems ot be ok though (Although not tried with OSMC).

I agree with @Toast though, without some more detailed knowledge of your network we might just be guessing.

This page has some proxy config information that may work with HTTP proxies (, that’ll let Kodi access the internet but the underlying OSMC operating system likely still won’t have access so things like apt-get and wget won’t work till you’ve fiddled that.