Clean Library much faster on Pi 1 vs Pi 2

I have 2 Pi’s running OSMC, both are up to date, both are connected via wired ethernet and both mount the same library media via NFS - the fstabs on both devices are identical, as are the skins and config.

The only significant difference between them is that device A is a Pi 2, and device B is a Pi 1 [model B with 512k].

I’ve been thinking about setting them up with a shared library DB, but at present each uses their own local DB.

If I select ‘Clean Library’ [even when there have been no library changes], Pi A takes ~10mins, whereas Pi B takes < 1 min to scan the same library.

Other than this both are working fine. Any ideas why the Pi 2 should be so much slower than the less powerful Pi ?

Slower sdcard or insufficient powersupply?

You’ve almost certainly got a no-longer-existing path in your database and clean library takes a long time to timeout.

This may help:

That thread made interesting reading. Will give that a try.


That did the trick. A total to 497 items wiped from the library, and cleaning now takes < 1min.

Thanks again for the tip.

It does make you wonder why so much cruft is put in there in the 1st place…