Clean library not working

Hi, I use Kodi 18 (Leia) on the Vero 4k. Today I added a network SMB share with my music and everything worked fine. I detected some wrong tags and need to update my music files. But right now I’m not able to “clean” my library. I removed the network drive as source, agreed to the question to remove every item from this source from the library and also selected “clean music library” in the options. But the music is still shown in the library and I even can play it (even without any music source added).

How can I really clean, delete or reset my library in OSMC? Maybe in the console?

I tried it several times, rebooted several times etc.

Thanks in advance.

If you can play it, the file must still be accessible. You might have more than one path to the music in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/sources.xml

I checked this file and the only paths in this file are leading to video sources. The path to the music source was removed.

If you are not using a MySQL server, you can do the following:

cd ~/.kodi/userdata/Database
sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
mv MyMusic60.db MyMusic60.db_bak
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

then rescan your music collection. If it doesn’t work, you still have your original database as a fallback.

@dillthedog Thanks, I did. Afterwards only my 4 last added albums where still shown in the library. Still strange, but at least I was able to add the other files new.