I have a powerful HTPC hosting EMBY and multiple TB HDs. I have a few OSMC based Rasps getting data and connected to the system and was able to get Direct Play working, issue with sharing properties as I needed it not just on the PC, but the HD as well since it was external. I had to change a few things up and since I didn’t back up stuff before the hardward switches, I had to redo all of osmc and emby but have it at a better level then before. Is there a way that I can have all connected OSMC/KODI clients have the identical settings and plug ins? ideally I can still change skins for room fitting but that isn’t mandatory. I thought I saw an option when clicking around but learned to ask before pressing things sometimes the hard way.

I also added the ROM add on, as well as downloaded an emulator and started adding games to the files. I have not attempted it yet since I have had issues pairing the PS3 controller to the rasp and haven’t tried with the HTPC, my use my ps3 or 4 as the client in the theater so I don’t have to keep scratching my head with it. Is there an other steps I need to do to enable the emulators? I saw a lot of people talking about duel boot with retro pie but I rather keep everything in the same GUI