CodecInfo overlay does not disappear completely since v17

I got this problem since v17 beta on vero2 and now it is still on the vero4k with latest osmc update.

Maybe this is a Kodi thing and cannnot be fixed here:

if i display the CodecInfos and hide them again, sometimes there is a small line from the Overlay still there.

I have to do a refresh (jump a step back in the video or display the media infos) than everything is hidden. This is not always but 3 of 5 times.

Not a big problem but i just want to let you know.

Which skin are you using?

If this is the OSMC skin, can you switch to another skin and see if it persists? We noticed a couple of artefacts that sometimes remain under certain circumstances and we will address it in a near future update.

While it’s not a big problem as you say, we appreciate your report, and small problems can usually be fixed easily.


I am using the Aeon MQ7 Skin.

Yeah, not a big thing.

Okay – not necessarily OSMC related then. I’d suggest contacting the developer of your skin


Can you post screenshot of what it looks like. I’m using mq7 skin haven’t noticed any artifacts.

Sure, no Problem: