Command line from osmc

Hi all!
Somehow I managed to screw the ssh configuration file and I’m no longer able to ssh into osmc.
Is there any way to eneter command line in osmc. In other words, can you kill media center from osmc itself to edit the ssh config file?


Just take out the SD-Card (if raspberry PI) and adit it manually.
Dunno if it is that easy on the Vero 4k|+ - never needed it.

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki:

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perfect! thx!

unfortunately this method doesn’t work because system is not mounted.

So mount it.
Or show us what you did and why you think the system don’t mount.

Can you elaborate on this?

If the system isn’t mounted, you may be entering the wrong recovery mode.
Try quitting Kodi and pressing ESC via your keyboard. This will drop you to a command line which you can access and edit files.

sorry. I was replying to post by Smurphy. You can’t plug SD in another computer and edit the file.