Compatibility with dac 'musical fidelity m1'

I’m using PI ZERO and/or PI 3 to drive a DAC ‘MUSICAL FIDELITY M1’ with OSMC

Until I use an old version of OSMC downloaded on middle of 2015, everything was perfectly

Since I download newest version (OSMC 2016.06-2 / 2016.05-1 / 2016.04-1 / 2016.02-3 or 2016.01-1),
the DAC does not work.
When launching music file, I have just a short noise on HP, and the duration of the file stays to 0:00, without playing

What can I do to solve this ?

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information, including logs from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.

You were asked by Sam on the Github issue you originally opened to provide logs from the January and June versions of OSMC:

If it worked in the January version of OSMC, you should provide logs of the January and June versions so we can see if there are any differences. No one on the team has this hardware, so the current description of the problem is simply not enough for us to address any potential issue here.

Without these logs nothing can be done.

I can help you to compare log
For this I need to download two OSMC versions (I do not have copies…)

  • PI ZERO september 2015
  • PI 3 september 2015
    I am sure versions since january of this year already dropped compatibility with DAC MUSIQ FIDELITY.
    I will send both logs for comparison
    Many thanks