Connecting databases (OSMC-Synology)

Hardware and software:
Synology NAS - DS218play - DSM 6.2.1
Vero 4K+ - OSMC August update

I have my nas setup so that whenever I add a movie/TV show/music it automatically adds it to the database. That database is generated by Synology’s Video Station ans Audio Station. Those apps use Postgres.
I have my OSMC connected to my nas thru NFS and the content playback works great but whenever I try to organize it the options given aren’t quite like Synology’s and are much harder to change. Also, being based on Kodi, OSMC uses MySQL.
What I want is for my OSMC to use the information in the database created by Synology’s apps.
Besides doing the conversion manually is there anyway I can automate the process or connect them directly?
Can Synology create MySQl (or MariaDB) databases instead of Postgres?
Is there any plug in that allows OSMC to support Postgres?
Has anyone created a program that can convert Postgres to MySQl in this specific case? (for example using python that can run on Synology’s units)
Is there a plug in that automatically connects Synology and OSMC/Kodi?
Is there any other way to do this?
If not is it possible that it may be added this feature in any side of this platforms?

Thanks in advanced.

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