Connecting to a Synology NAS - password change

I’m looking for some advice on re-connecting my Vero to my Synology NAS shared video folder.

When I set up my Vero originally I connected to my NAS using NFS and, during the set-up, I was asked to input my user-name and password. Once the setup was completed it worked fine. Rather stupidly I’d input the username and password for the admin account on my NAS.

I’ve now set up 2 factor authentication on my NAS for the admin account so I need to change the account info on Vero to a specific media account on the NAS (one without admin rights).

The problem is this: When I set-up the new account on the vero I’m not asked for a username and password for the new account during the set-up and the vero seems to still be trying to connect (and failing) using the old admin account.
Any ideas how to correct this?

NFS does not normally use authentication, unless you are using Kerbos.

How are you mounting the drives, via Kodi or fstab. I’m guessing Kodi, so check your sources ( ~/.kodi/userdata/sources.xml)

Thanks for the pointer.
Yes, I’m using Kodi. I’ve been trying a few things to correct the problem this evening and I’ve noticed that using NFS I cannot browse to the sub-folders within the video folder on my NAS.
When trying to add a new share I can see and connect to NAS/Volume1/video but not to NAS/volume1/video/TV Shows or NAS/Volume1/video/movies.

I can browse to the sub-folders on my older NAS. Just off to compare the NFS permissions on each NAS.

Solved. Goodness knows why I needed to do this but I simply changes the file permissions on the NAS folder to everyone can read folder & sub-folder as per these instructions and bingo, it worked.