Connecting to Vero4k from other devices

I recently purchased a Vero4k and in the write up it said you could connect to it from phones and tablets. I have it attached to an external with all my home media, but I don’t see how I’m supposed to connect to it with my phones or tablets. I assume I need some kind of App but in searching the discussion boards I have not found the answer to my question. Yes the Vero4K works great for my TV, but I really bought it so everyone could access the media on what ever device they wanted. We all use Android based phones and tablets if that helps narrow in on what I’m looking for as a response.

You can enable DLNA/UPNP, then grab clients on iOS / Android.

I am sure others can chime in


I use:

  • Kodi on my iPad 2 with the samba share
  • Chromecast attached to my dining room tv with Plex (installed on OSMC and started whenever necessary) to transcode and automatically add subtitles, you can then play files on the Chromecast via Plex with the Plex app.
  • VLC on my smartphone (rarely if ever)

I don’t remember why exactly but I always preferred samba over DLNA / UPNP, i remember being unable to do something that I could do with the samba share.

Yatse or Kore (the official Kodi app) work fine.

I use TVHClient on iPad/iPhone to schedule TV recordings, and also to watch LiveTV and RecordedTV.
Works locally and remotely (ie if I’m away from home, it’s a lot better than any TV Player app).