Connecting usb stick/HD

is there a setting that i goto to plug a usb stick into the 4k,it clearly doesn’t like it when you just plug them into the port.

Should just be plug and play.
What’s happening?


i put files on say a stick or small hard drive using a desktop pc…walk over to vero plug into usb port and they have gone…take stick back to pc and they are gone.

this happens 50% of the time so the only way i have found is walk up to vero box with stick or hard drive…reboot box and just when it goes red get the stick in…never fails

How is the drive formatted?
Are you safely unmounting the drives on your PC and OSMC when moving across devices?

If you find that the problem doesn’t occur when Vero hasn’t booted, it’s likely because the filesystem is not mounted at this point and it is therefore safe to remove media.


H i sam the drives /usb sticks i use on the vero are both NTFS and Fat32 i am going to try the safe to remove drive option on the pc to unmount…how can i safely mount and unmount on OSMC there seems no option.

You ALWAYS have to safe remove Fat32 drives in Windows and you always should with NTFS as well. To safely remove (unmount) the drive in Kodi you go to settings>file manager>(highlight the drive) context menu>remove safely